You only pay if you are satisfied! The satisfaction guarantee covers the last accounting period and the part not performed to your satisfaction. It requires a timely response, giving us the chance to improve our work results.

No subcontractors.

We work exclusively with our own permanent employees. This enables us to deploy our employees according to their skills and experience, perfectly tuned to customer requirements.

No contractual obligation.

With us, there is no temporal contract obligation. You are free to find another cleaning supplier at any time. Since the launch of our company, our customers and we have had very good experiences with the fact that we work together on the basis of trust, good results and good communication. And not based on a contract that ties us together.

Safety & Liability.

Insurance cover of up to €5,000,000 per claim.

Functioning holiday and illness replacements.

We have functioning holiday and illness replacements who in general already know the object to be cleaned.

Good and fast communication.

You take care of something once and can then rely on the fact that the tasks are carried out and/or that the desired information reaches you.

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